Brian's MOD Music


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Apologies for the messed up stereo positioning. These files play perfectly in DOS (Cubic Player).
These songs are sorted by the group through which they were released.

My favourite songs are marked with a W3RD! So every other song I write is a favourite. So sue me.

All songs produced under the name Hypnotic Melody.  Nearly all samples stolen from somewhere.

All songs tracked with ScreamTracker 3 and Digitrakker.

AToMIC Releases

HOPE-HM1.S3M [249kb] - Rekindled Hope W3RD
TECH-HM2.S3M [169kb] - Technophrenia W3RD
ACID-HM3.S3M [85kb] - Drowning In Acid

Mazurka Releases

CHAOS.S3M [242kb] - Chaos Around The Corner (The Earth Gazer Final Touchup)
DPRS-HM2.S3M [234kb] - Depression In The Big City W3RD
HM-ANGEL.S3M [172kb] - Bring Me An Angel (Finnish Misinterpretation Remix) W3RD
HM-MAGI.S3M [569kb] - Dance of the Magi W3RD
HM-MORN.S3M [116kb] - The Morning After

VSL Releases

HM-MELO.XM [309kb] - Mellow And INsAynE W3RD
PULSAR.MDL [132kb] - Pulsar
BRIAN8.S3M [119kb] - Against The Wall
BRIAN.S3M [184kb] - A Haunting Melody
V-BECKON.S3M [443kb] - The Underground Beckons W3RD
HM-WEGO.IT [472kb] - Here We Gooo W3RD

DDT Releases

MELOGNHM.MOD [134kb] - Mellow Floor (collaboration with Genocide) W3RD

Air Higher Releases

BREAK-MI.S3M [329kb] - Heartbreak (Co-rearrangement with Paganus of original by Paganus)

Independent/Contracted Releases

DREIDEL.S3M [220kb] - Dreidel Boogie (Feat. MC Sledge)
HM-CHRNIC.S3M [96kb] - A Chronic Masterpiece (loader for the CHRoNiC ANSI pack)
SRIZ-HM3.S3M [350kb] - SRIZ-HM3 (loader for Jurassic SRIZ BBS)
KOMBAT1.MOD [109kb]- Kouncil Kombat tune 1 (for the Kouncil Kombat PC game (aka "Jumping Cowboys")
KOMBAT2.MOD [135kb]- Kouncil Kombat tune 2